Mr. Salermo is the Founder and Managing Member of MAR Acquisition Group, LLC (MAR).  Having owned and managed real estate for over 20 years, Mr. Salermo has had extensive experience in real estate acquisition, construction, rehabilitation and management prior to forming MAR in September 2001.

Mr. Salermo’s community activities and leadership have included the YMCA of Eastern Union County (Former member, Board of Directors), Elizabeth Avenue Partnership (Member and former Chairman, Board of Directors), Elizabeth Development Company (former Chairman), and Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce (Past President).

Mr. Salermo’s leadership and civic work in the community have been recognized through the following awards: Best Young Retailer, 1998, by the Metropolitan Furniture Association of New Jersey; Commendation for Contributions to the Community for National Hispanic Heritage Month, 2000, by the Union County Board of Freeholders; and Distinguished Service Award, 2001, by the Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce.



Mr. Santagata has been partner of MAR since its inception.

In addition to his role as a partner in MAR, Mr. Santagata served as an analyst for the past 16 years with Brahman Capital, a $3.5 billion investment fund. In this capacity, Mr. Santagata analyzed companies in various industries and advised on the purchase of public companies on behalf of the firm’s investors.

Mr. Santagata has also overseen the development of multiple commercial properties for investment and resale.

Mr. Santagata is active in the community through his participation in the Elizabeth Avenue Partnership.